Yearlong Program (常年项目)


SuperMind Ideas, throughout the year, offers students three closely related academic services: course and academic competition tutoring; research and article publication guidance; college application consultation and planning. (极智教育常年为学生提供三方面紧密相连的学业服务:课程和学科竞赛辅导研究和文章发表指导大学申请咨询和规划)

About us

SuperMind Ideas is an excellent company dedicated to providing educational consulting and course guidance for high school students to apply for their dream universities. The main lecturer is a famous teacher from the university and has won the annual outstanding teaching award (1 person/year) and the annual outstanding research award (1 person/year) from the country, region, school and college. The majority of students who have benefited from consulting planning not only clarify their professional interests as early . . .
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