In response to the demands of a wide range of students, from 2/12/2024 to 4/26/2024, we will specially launch five AP crash courses. Each course comprises 40 hours, spread over ten weeks, with two two-hour classes per week. To achieve the best results in the AP exams in May, while also balancing the second semester AP courses at school, our focus will primarily be on the second semester's content, but we will also quickly review the knowledge from the first semester. This will include extensive explanations of actual past exam questions. Every evening, there will be a set time for free student queries. From 4/27/2024 to 5/15/2024, we will offer free query resolution for all enrolled students, preparing for the final sprint before the exam, and advancing and retreating together with the examinees. Based on historical experience, under this model, the vast majority of students can achieve a score of 4 or above on the AP exams, and also mostly get an A in the AP courses of the second semester at school. Your success is our success, and we will work together for our dreams. (应广大考生需求,我们将在2/12/2024~4/26/2024 特别推出五门APC冲刺班。每门课40个小时,持续十周,每周两次课,每次课两个小时。为了在5AP考试中取得最好成绩,同时又能兼顾学校里第二学期的AP课程,我们会以第二学期为主,但也会快速浏览第一学期所学知识。最后是大量的真题讲解。每晚都有固定时间为学生免费答疑。4/27/204~5/15/2024 期间会免费为所有选课学生免费答疑,进行考前最后冲刺准备,与考生共进退。根据历史经验,在此模式下,绝大多数的学生AP统一考试都能取得4分或以上,同时学校里第二学期所学的AP 课也大多数拿A。你的成功就是我们的成功,我们一起为梦想而努力.)

In addition to the AP crash courses during the period from 2/12/2024 to 4/26/2024, we are also launching the long-awaited courses in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Research, as well as corresponding guidance courses in article writing and publishing. These two courses not only enhance the students' future AP Seminar and AP Research skills, but almost all students will write satisfactory articles, gaining opportunities for publication or conference presentations. (2/12/2024~4/26/2024期间,除了AP冲刺课,我们还推出了大家期待已久的人工智能和机器学习研究课,以及相应的文章写作和发表指导课。这两门课不仅提升同学们将来的AP Seminar AP Research, 几乎所有的学生都会写出令人满意的文章,为自己赢来发表或大会演讲的机会。)

Students needing college application consultation, course planning, and activity recommendations are also welcome to contact us as early as possible. Generally, 8th and 9th grades are the best window for applying to Ivy League and other top universities, while 10th and 11th grades are the last window for applying to other excellent universities. Beyond these periods, applying to good universities or majors can be very difficult . (需要大学申请咨询,课程规划,活动推荐的学生,也请随时尽早联系。一般来说8-9年纪是申请藤校或其他顶尖大学的最佳窗口期,10-11年纪是申请其他优秀大学的最后窗口期。过了这些时段,申请好大学或好专业会十分艰难。)

All courses from 2/12/2024 to 4/26/2024 are as follows (所有2/12/2024~4/26/2024课程如下所示)

· AP PreCalculus (预微积分)

o Monday afternoon: 4:30-6:30; Sunday morning: 9:30-11:30; A total of 40 hours over 10 weeks. (周一下午:4:30-6:30;   周日上午:9:30-11:3010周共40小时).

· AP Calculus AB/BC (大学预科微积分AB/BC)

o Tuesday afternoon: 4:30-6:30; Saturday morning: 9-11; A total of 40 hours over 10 weeks. Note: BC has an additional 10 hours, totaling 50 hours.) (周二下午:4:30-6:30;   周六上午:9-1110周共40小时. 注意:BC 10个小时,共50个小时)。

· AP Computer Science A AP 计算机科学 AJAVA 语言)

o Wednesday afternoon: 4:30-6:30; Saturday morning: 11:30-1:30; A total of 40 hours over 10 weeks. (周三下午:4:30-6:30;   周六上午:11:30-1:3010周共40小时)

· AP Statistics (大学预科统计学)

o Thursday afternoon: 4:30-6:30; Saturday afternoon: 2-4; A total of 40 hours over 10 weeks. (周四下午:4:30-6:30;   周六下午:2-410周共40小时)

· AP Computer Science Principles AP 计算机科学原理)

o Friday afternoon: 4:30-6:30; Saturday afternoon: 4:30-6:30; A total of 40 hours over 10 weeks. (周五下午:4:30-6:30;   周六下午:4:30-6:3010周共40小时)

The above courses are $40 per hour, which can be described as extremely high quality at an extremely low price. All courses are available both online and offline, especially considering a large amount of free question and answer time. If you are unable to attend a particular class, you can watch the recorded lesson. (上面课程为$40/小时,考录到大量的免费答疑时间,可谓是极高的质量,极低的价格。所有课程皆可线上或线下。若有某节课没法参加,可以看录播课)。

· AI and Machine Learning(人工智能和机器学习研究课)

o Every Sunday afternoon: 2:30-4:30; starting from 2/18/2024 to 5/26/2024, for a continuous 15 weeks. The total cost is $2000. (每周日下午:2:30-4:30;   2/18/2024~5/26/2024开始, 连续15周。共计$2000.

· Paper Publication Guidance Course (文章发表指导课)

o This course is a complementary course to the above-mentioned Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Research course. (此课程为上面人工智能和机器学习研究课的配套课程。)

o Every Sunday afternoon: 2:30-4:30; starting from 6/2/2024, until the corresponding article is written. Generally, it can be completed within 15 weeks. The total cost is $2000.(每周日下午:2:30-4:30;   6/2/2024开始, 直到相应文章写出来为止。一般在15周内皆可完成。共计$2000.

o At that time, you can also proudly upload your article as supplementary material according to the requirements of some prestigious universities (e.g. Yale: https://admissions.yale.edu/supplementary ;   Columbia: https://undergrad.admissions.columbia.edu/apply/process/supplementary-materials ). 到时您也可以骄傲的按照某些名校的要求把你的文章作为补充材料上传。(例如,耶鲁大学: https://admissions.yale.edu/supplementary;   哥伦比亚大学: https://undergrad.admissions.columbia.edu/apply/process/supplementary-materials ) .

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