Summer Programs (暑期项目)


The summer courses are planned as follows. Specific dates will be announced as soon as possible. Stay tuned! (暑假预计课程如下。具体日期将尽快发布。敬请期待!)

Courses and Academic Competitions Tutoring (课程和学科竞赛辅导)

Courses Related (竞赛相关)

· Mathematics for Late Mid-school and Early High School (初中后期和高中早期数学课)。

· High School Mathematics Integration (美国高中数学整合课)

· Pre-Calculus (预微积分)

· AP Calculus AB/BC (大学预科微积分AB/BC)

· AP Statistics (大学预科统计学)

· AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based (AP 物理1:代数基础)

· AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based (AP 物理2:代数基础)

· AP Physics C: Mechanics (AP 物理C:力学)

· AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism (AP 物理C:电磁学)

· AP Computer Science A AP 计算机科学 AJAVA 语言)

· AP Computer Science Principles AP 计算机科学原理)

Academic Competitions Related (竞赛相关)

· AMC 8 (美国数学竞赛8)

· AMC 10 (美国数学竞赛10)

· AMC 12 (美国数学竞赛12)

· F = ma (美国物理竞赛,力学为主)

Research and Paper Publication Guidance 研究和文章写作指导

Research Guidance Courses (研究指导课)

· Big Data Analysis (大数据分析)

· AI and Machine Learning(人工智能和机器学习)

· Advanced AI and Deep Learning (高级人工智能和深度机器学习)

· Programming Language 3-in-1   (计算机程序31

Paper Publication Guidance Course (文章发表指导课程)

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