Instructor Profile (老师简介)


1. The first professor in the history of their university to simultaneously receive the Annual Outstanding Teaching Award (1 recipient per year) and the Annual Outstanding Research Award (1 recipient per year).

2. The first in their department to attain an early tenured professor position.

3. Recipient of national, regional, school, and college-level awards for both outstanding teaching and research.

4. Guided students at all levels to publish over a hundred peer-reviewed academic articles.

5. Proficient in both exam-oriented education and skill-based education, with rich experience in short-term improvement in students' grades in various subjects, and providing exceptional support for students aspiring to top-tier universities.

6. Possesses excellent bilingual teaching capabilities, able to provide memorable learning experiences for students from either Chinese or English language backgrounds.

7. A student mentor capable of providing a comprehensive service including course and competition coaching, research and paper guidance, extracurricular activities, and college selection recommendations.

8. With twenty years of experience in tutoring middle and high school students, acts as both a good "teacher" and a beneficial "friend" to all guided students. Most students, regardless of background, quickly find their learning objectives and display great motivation under this guidance, achieving excellent results in the courses taught.

1. 所在高校史上首位同时获得全校年度优秀教学奖(1/每年)和年度优秀研究奖(1/每年)的教授。

2. 所在科系史上首位提前获取终身教授职位。

3. 囊括了国家级, 地区级,学校级和学院级优秀教学奖和优秀研究奖。

4. 指导各级学生发表百余篇受同行评审的学术文章。

5. 同时深谙应试教育和能力教育的精髓。既对学生短期提升所列科目成绩具有丰富经验, 也能为有顶尖院校梦想的学生提供非“常”助力。

6. 具有极其优秀的双语教学能力, 能为中英任一语言背景的学生提供难忘的学习经历。

7. 是能提供课程和竞赛辅导, 科研和文章指导, 课外活动和院校选择推荐一条龙服务的学生导师。

8. 具有二十年的辅导初高中学生的经验,是所有指导学生的良“师”和益“友”。大多数学生(无论背景如何)都在短期内找到了学习的目标,展现了极大的学习动力,在指导的课程中取得了优异的成绩。

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SuperMind Ideas is an excellent company dedicated to providing educational consulting and course guidance for high school students to apply for their dream universities. The main lecturer is a famous teacher from the university and has won the annual outstanding teaching award (1 person/year) and the annual outstanding research award (1 person/year) from the country, region, school and college. The majority of students who have benefited from consulting planning not only clarify their professional interests as early . . .
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